24 UX Tips for Business Owners


“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products,” says Don Norman, the person who coined the phrase.

When designing a product or service, and setting up your business, it is important to consider how a user is going to learn about the product or service, how they will buy it, how they will use it and how they will get customer support.

Good UX produces a win-win situation where the user (a customer) is satisfied with their purchase and the company (your business) gets plenty of sales.


Top 5 Payment Apps for Mobile You Should Use in 2020

Research conducted by Statista in 2019, projected an expected mobile payment revenue of more than $1 trillion before the start of 2020. This research goes to show how much money is in the mobile payment industry and the adaptation rate of consumers to mobile payment apps.

While various payment apps have unique key features that give them a competitive edge, there are a few general features to look out for in the best payment apps:

  • Phone compatibility.
  • Spend limitations to help you manage your spending.
  • It shows the actual costs to send or receive money via the app.

In this article, we will give you a list of payment apps that are suitable for mobile use.


12 Predictions for SEO in 2020

December 27, 2019

As more and more webmasters and entrepreneurs are starting to understand what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace, online marketing competition continues to grow. If you’re running a website today, you need to constantly upgrade its marketing and performance in order not to fall behind.

What does that mean?

Well, there are two important aspects that you must consider when it comes to positioning your business properly: content marketing and SEO.

Both of these concepts are complex and broad, yet they represent the most viable ways of staying ahead of the game. As the trends keep changing, your strategies should be properly adapted to the most effective digital marketing practices.

In today’s post, we’re going to explore 12 predictions for SEO in 2020. Without further ado, let’s take a quick peek at the most relevant search engine optimization practices that will help you rank up or maintain your rank in the course of the next year.


Stock Photos – The Basics You Should be Aware Of

Images are used as part of promotional tools by everyone, from large corporations to small eCommerce stores.

Billions of images are seen all around the world on websites, newspapers, and magazines. The question is, where do these images come from?

You might be surprised to know that most of them come from stock photography. Of course, advertising anything like beauty products, smartphones, or cars require brand-specific photos that need to be specifically created for that purpose. But most other kinds of promotional pieces requiring visuals use stock photography.

Stock images are available to license as either royalty-free or rights managed. If you are looking to purchase images from a stock photography agency, you should have a basic idea about what they mean.

Before I go into the basic details of royalty-free and rights-managed images, let’s look into the catch of using images from free photo websites.


The ABC’s of Email Marketing

There is not a single digital marketing mechanism as old and powerful as email newsletters. Marketers have created email campaigns for almost four decades and the number of users just keeps growing year after year. According to reports, almost four billion people use email worldwide.

Email marketing strategy can help you reach almost two-thirds of the global population, but it’s not the only benefit of email campaigns. On the contrary, digital mails are easy to administer, cost-effective, highly targeted, and measurable.

But if you really want to enjoy all the privileges of email marketing, you have to learn its basics. We are here to help you with that, so keep reading to learn the ABC’s of email marketing campaigns.


The Role of Social Media in Your Website SEO

Social media has become integral to the way we use the Internet. The important content is not only linked, but it is also shared, liked, tweeted and pinned. How people use the Internet has drastically changed, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed at the Googleplex. Many of the independent studies on Google’s ranking algorithm show a large correlation with high-ranking pages having strong social media activity.

While the official stance from Google is that they do not directly use social signals in their algorithm, the SEO community pretty much agrees it is certainly a factor in achieving rankings. Disagreements aside, I can tell from my own experience that websites with large social followings consistently get higher rankings in a shorter timeframe.

Not only can you use social media to build social activity to increase your overall SEO strength, but you can also use social media to regularly create backlinks that are free and easy to build. It also increases referral traffic back to your site and engages previous customers. As a rule, social media should be a part of every SEO project or even every marketing project.


SEO in 2019: Your Definitive Guide


Yes, it’s that time of the year again.

It’s the ideal time to make plans for taking over the world, one SERP at a time.

If that sounds like your plan, this guide is what you need. A quick note: this guide is not about predictions, trends and educated guesses. It’s a real guide, a collection of SEO tactics that work wonders today and are bound to work even better tomorrow.

Let’s take a look at what will work in SEO in 2019.


SEO 101: Top 7 Ranking Factors that Matter


There are few industries more shrouded in mystery than SEO. We all know it’s not an exact science.

Any SEO ‘expert’ who tells you they know exactly how high you will rank if you use their ‘unique methods’ (and pay for them dearly, of course) is a crook. You should run as fast as you can.

The truth is we need to test to see what works and what doesn’t. The Holy Grail of rankings changes from country to country and from industry to industry – to mention only two of the hundreds of factors.


17 Organic Ranking Factors That Impact Ranking

SEO Targeting

SEMrush used its incredible machine learning algorithm to find out the top organic search ranking factors. You know, the age-old question that no one can really say they have the answer to.

They analyzed 600,000 keywords to come up with these 17 factors. The results are not entirely surprising. We knew about most of them.

What caught my eye, though, was the fact that almost all of them take you back to the quality of your content, directly or indirectly.

Let’s take a look at them.


10 SEO Mistakes Your Brand Could be Making



Three letters are sweeping the world’s resume skill section by storm: SEO, short for search engine optimization. From young and hungry Web designers, to social media strategists, to bloggers, and even administrative assistants, yes, nearly everyone in the digital world—and beyond—is now tacking SEO onto their skill arsenal. But can anybody and everybody actually deliver on this precious prowess? Not likely.

Put simply, SEO is the act of maximizing your website’s potential to rank at the top of the listings by search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. These are organic search engines, which deliver organic search results—results that appear because of their relevance to the user’s search terms. And if you care about the success of your brand’s digital marketing strategy, then you need to care about SEO.


How Google’s New Algorithm Impacts Your Site


Pull up a chair, this is a big one.

This is, perhaps, the Google algorithm change with the biggest impact on both SEO writers and business owners alike.

Courtesy of a brand-new study by SEMrush, we now know what truly matters when it comes to ranking higher.

In order to compile this amazing report, the researchers at SEMrush analyzed data from 600,000 global keywords. The results came from a machine-learning algorithm that managed to determine the factors that influence positions in SERPs. The methodology is complex, but I won’t bore you with it – you can read about it in the study. We have more important stuff to dissect right now.

Let’s dive it.


12 Actionable SEO Tactics to Start Using Today


SEO Targeting

“Good SEO starts with the ability to implement it. You can have the best content and technical optimization, but if it takes you one year to roll out changes, the battle is lost.”

Kevin Indig, SEO Ninja at Atlassian

As Kevin noted, much of a company’s SEO success lies in beating the competitors to the punch.

Here are 12 actionable SEO tips you can implement today so that you can results as quickly as possible.


How to get on Google’s first page by following four rules

A page one listing in Google’s search results for the right keyword can lead to a lot of visitors and a lot of sales. That’s why so many people want to be on Google’s first result page.

high rankings

Unfortunately, many people still don’t know what it takes to convince Google that your website is more relevant than the millions of other websites on the Internet.

There are four simple rules that will help you to get your website on Google’s first result page. These four rules even work with Google’s new machine learning algorithm:


12 WordPress SEO Hacks to Boost Your Traffic



We all want websites that are search-engine friendly. But sometimes when you are busy it’s easy to publish a new blog post and be off to the next thing on your to do list.

Over time, this can really hurt your SEO efforts. That’s why I’ve put together this short hit list of things you can do to boost your WordPress SEO.

Schedule these tasks in your calendar to make your blog traffic soar.


WordPress SEO: The Definitive Guide

wordpressWordPress powers 27 percent of the websites around the world. When it comes to SEO it is one of the best content management systems. Still, you need to roll up your sleeves and optimize it for maximal performance.

This WordPress SEO tutorial will help you to optimize your website or blog and get ahead of your competition.


Image Optimization: The Achilles Heel of SEO

SEO Targeting
 It’s no secret; visual creations are a necessity for engaging online audiences. Be it an image, an infographic, a video, or any other type of optical amusement, people can’t get enough of it. A large portion of why images are so exciting is that humans are naturally visual creatures and 90 percent of the information processed by our brains comes in viewable form. This is the very same reason why people are able to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text alone.


How to Rank Higher in Local Search Results

Local SEO Google Maps

For any small business, appearing in a local search is crucial to bringing new business through your doors. While word-of-mouth is enough to stir up some new business, it isn’t nearly the same as what a Google recommendation could do for you. But many small businesses simply don’t have the marketing budget to hire an expert SEO strategist to help improve their rankings. With this guide, you will:


Mobile SEO: A Guide for Top Ranking Results



http address shows online mobile websites or internet

Nancy Gibbs, Editor at Time Magazine

Smartphone devices have truly become an extension of the human psyche. We no longer store phone numbers in our minds; they are saved in our contacts list. Many don’t care to retain trivial facts when they can simply say “OK Google” and shortly receive an answer. Our mobile devices are always close by, seldom not in use, and Google understands just how important they have become in day-to-day life for the modern masses.

It is this ubiquity that led Google to implement a mobile-first initiative and focus on providing fast loading mobile content, relevant search results for mobile-based user intentions, and so forth. 2015’s Mobilegeddon was Google’s wake-up call to site owners that mobile-friendly sites are a requirement, not a luxury.


10 Quick Fixes For Lasting SEO Benefits

August 8th, 2016

By: Masha Maksimava

I know, I know, search engine optimization isn’t ‘quick’ or ‘simple’ by definition. Many things in SEO will take plenty of time and effort — think taking your site mobile, building links, or moving to HTTPS. But then… there are some SEO tweaks that really are both quick and effective. In this article, I’ve put up my top 10 list of the most worthwhile SEO fixes you can do in under an hour.

These simple hacks won’t take you to the top of Google if you neglect the more time-consuming (but necessary) components of the search engine optimization process. But combined with your main efforts, they are sure to make a difference in your search engine visibility and traffic, and give you that ranking boost you may be just needing.


12 of the Best ‘Contact Us’ Page Examples You’ll Want to Copy

1) Tune

There’s a lot going well for Tune’s contact page: the beautiful design, the calls-to-action, the clearly displayed contact information, and the form below the fold for visitors who want to get in touch with specific inquiries.

What I love the most about their page, though, is how welcoming they are. With copy like “We’re Here to Help!” and “Reach out to us anytime and we’ll happily answer your questions,” it makes visitors feel like they’re being taken care of. Many business’ contact pages are rather cold — but the more friendly you make your page’s copy, the better you’ll make your visitors feel. After all, you should want them to contact you so you can help them and start building a relationship.



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