WordPress is without a doubt one of the best options to consider when you are creating your very own photography or photo blogging website. One of the perks of having a WordPress site is the fact that you can “plug in” just about any plug-in to tweak your website and make it do anything you want. With the countless options WordPress offers, it’s easy to get carried away. However, doing so can lead to a slower website and possible security issues. We know you get excited, but don’t get carried away.

For your convenience, we have picked out the best WordPress plug-ins that will highlight your work, engage your audience, improve functionality, improve loading speed, and monetize your efforts. Let’s get started with the list now!


Having trouble with download speed problems on your website? Well, maybe you aren’t but your viewers are. One of the biggest problems with photo blogging sites is enormous images sizes that take up enormous bandwidth. This may considerably slow down your website and users don’t like to hang around when a website takes forever to download. For this reason, photo bloggers need to find an efficient way to reduce image sizes without cutting down the amount of images displayed or hurting the quality. The EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud is a WordPress plugin that will hammer down your images sizes by converting them to a file format that is smaller than the original. The optimization techniques it uses are “lossless,” therefore, making your image quality the same as before.


NextGen Gallery is a highly popular gallery plug-in for WordPress users. This is a fully responsive gallery design that allows you to choose from many different styles. The free version includes five gallery displays, four built-in lightboxes, social sharing option, Meta-Data tags, watermarking, Zip Imports, Image Backup, use on unlimited sites, and hundreds of other options. The Pro versions enable eCommerce. This plug-in has had more than 12 million downloads.


Soliloquy is a WordPress plug-in slider that introduces a new slider workflow. This simplifies the whole slider-making process with a new design that focuses on “efficiency, reliability, and usability.” Soliloquy rids the website owner from the endless options, confusing interfaces, and countless other steps usually involved in making a slider. It is a slider that, according to soliloquy, “reduces half the effort.”


The Media Library Assistant plug-in works to improve the native WordPress Media library functionality for photographers. It adds several features to it which gives the library improved ability such as ingesting IPTC and EXIF (including GPS) information. It also provides many more listing columns than the standard and additional view filters for MIME types and taxonomy. Oh, and it’s free!


Hate those annoying thumbnails that are never aligned right? We all do. For a photographer, a misplaced thumbnail can cause a lot of problems. For this reason, this plug-in was created for those themes that have random and automatic thumbnail capabilities. With this plug-in you will be able to manually adjust your thumbnail size and spacing without a hitch.


WP Smush is another plug-in that helps reduce your image sizes to boost performance and SEO your images. The bulky information from your images is cut down and replaced with smaller images of the same quality. If your site loads fast enough, you will surely rank high in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. SEO your images away.


Many photographers prefer to watermark their photos to protect them from misuse. Easy Watermark will enable photographers to automatically watermark a picture on upload or manually add it. This could be an image, text, logo, photo, or anything. You can select an image, set the transparency levels, change watermark position, and resize or re-color the watermark. This is not limited to images you upload after the plug-in, thus all the previous images you have uploaded can also be watermarked all at once. This plug-in comes with five different translation options.


If you’re a professional photographer with a robust business, you are going to need Photography Management for convenience and added security. Photography Management allows photographers to send links to clients/customers safely so they can access the photos they need. Once your photographs have been uploaded to your secure server, you can password protect the galleries. The plug-in will allow you to share selected photos with clients who can download zipped folders of the photos they need. This is especially useful for wedding photographers, web designers, and artists with numerous projects for clients.


If you’re a Flickr/Instagram/Picasa fan, you’re going to need a way to easily sync your albums to your WordPress blog. The plug-in features a beautiful gallery with Lightbox option. You can grab images from your Flickr account, Instagram user id, Instagram tags, Instagram popular, and your Picasa galleries.


If you have text to go with your photography in a magazine style, Story Form is well worth considering. With the Story Form plugin you can create less two-dimensional photos and instead make enticing three-dimensional ones by giving it a full-screen magazine appearance. This will make your photography and stories more engaging by utilizing rich full-bleed magazine layouts that flip pages in a realistic format. You can also select which particular posts should have the Story Form formats. If you have lengthy articles, photo-essays, or blogs to go with your photos, Photo Story should fit well with your work. Photo Story is responsive, touch-friendly, and supports animations, background videos, and captions.


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